Friday, August 24, 2012

Prayer Is Worship, and That's a Fact!

Getting Right to the Point!

Prayer Is Worship, and That's a Fact!

Once and for all let's all please understand that prayer is a form of worship. There really can’t be any argument about this fact. The very first words in Webster’s dictionary for worship is “a prayer . . . showing reverence or devotion for a deity.”

Now, the Lord said that those who worship Him must do so in truth. (John 4:24). And God teaches us very clearly that truth and false teaching are never to be combined in His church (Romans 16:17). Thus, it is obviously not pleasing to God for people who accept the full truth of His Word to join in worship or prayer with those who hold to any false teachings. How much clearer could anything possibly be!?

So, please be aware that if anyone should ask this congregation to participate in some non-denominational, inter-denominational, multi-religion prayer-fest, we’ll have to say “No way!” We just can’t offend and insult our Savior Jesus Christ like that! And that's the point!  


Jim McGomonie said...

We now make doctrinal arguments based on dictionary definitions?

Pastor Spencer said...


Thanks for the comment, and I completely understand your point. Normally, I wouldn't use the dictionary. But, please remember that these "ads" are meant for the general public. What I'm trying to get across is that even in secular sources prayer and worship are defined as being very much the same. People who would never even enter a LDS "stake house," or Roman church because of religious differences, all of the sudden have no problem joining in prayer with Mormons and Roman Catholics. The American public is a strange lot sometimes. What I'm saying here is that we (orthodox Lutherans) are not the inconsistent ones.

Thanks again!

Pastor Spencer

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