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Jesus Is The Only Way To Heaven!

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Allow me to fill in just a touch more explanation about these outreach ads before I continue. They are intended to be used throughout a calendar year, January to December, running anywhere from one to three per month. I'll put the full schedule and the complete list of topics at the end of this next piece. Enjoy!

Getting Right to the Point!

 Jesus Is The Only Way To Heaven!

 Sounds like an exclusive club, doesn’t it? That’s just the point. It’s hard to get into heaven! In fact, for normal people it’s impossible!

We all have a problem. We don’t always do what God wants us to do. Quite often, we do the exact opposite. In short, we’re not perfect. But, God is, and He insists that all those around Him be perfect too. That’s His right! So, we have to at least be seen as perfect in order for God to let us into His heaven.

Here’s where Jesus comes in. He was and is the only human who has ever been perfect. He freely gives us His perfection, which, since He is also God, is enough for everyone. He also takes the blame for all our wrongs, and, being God, that covers everybody, without exception. All God asks is that we believe this. He even gives us the ability to believe.

Thus, faith in Jesus becomes our membership card for heaven. It’s as simple as that! So, heaven is really the easiest club to get into! Don’t be left out! And that's the point!


Getting Right to the Point!

Calendar Correlation & Topic List

At the beginning of the year – early January:
There Is Such a Thing As Objective Truth!

During Epiphany – early to mid January:
Jesus Is The Only Way To Heaven!

Near “Life Sunday,” near the anniversary of "Roe v. Wade" – January 22nd:
Every Human Life Is Sacred!

Pre-Lent – late January to late February:
Church Isn't Group Therapy or Mere Entertainment!

The beginning of Lent – mid February to early March:
Surprise – Lent Is NOT All About Us!

During Lent – late February through March:
Paying For Our Sins Was Expensive!

Before Maundy Thursday – mid March to early April:
It’s The Lord’s Supper, Not Ours!

Near Resurrection Sunday – late March to mid April:
Jesus’ Resurrection Is A Fact – of Faith!

Near the time of Ascension – late April to mid May:
Christ Is In Control!

Near “World Day of Prayer” – May 3rd:
Prayer is Worship, and That's a Fact!

Around Pentecost – early May to early June:
“Born Again” = Believer in Jesus - Period!

Near Trinity Sunday – mid May to mid June:
The One And Only True God Is The Holy Trinity!

For the time of Weddings – early June:
Marriage Is Defined By God!

Before “John the Baptist” Day – June 24th:
Baptism Means To Apply Water – Any Way You Choose!

Near many “Gay Pride” days, usually around the anniversary of the so-called “Stonewall Riots” – June 30th:
Homosexuality Is Against God's Will – Like It or Not!

Around July 4th:
Are We Really “One Nation Under God?”

At the height of the vacation season- early July to early August:
Don’t Take A Vacation From The Lord!

Many people re-locating and “church-shopping” – mid to late August:
Yes, Our Church Is The Only “Right” Church!

As schools start up again – mid August to early September:
Too Much Education Can Be A Dangerous Thing!

Around Labor Day – first Monday in September:
God Put Us Here To Work – For Him and His Truth!

Near St. Michael & All Angels’ Day – September 29th:
Please Don’t Pray To Angels!

When many church are holding stewardship programs – early to mid October:
Believe It or Not – The Church Does Not Want Your Money!

Before Reformation Sunday – last Sunday in October:
Martin Luther's Reformation Was Not A Revolution!

During the last Sundays of the Church Year – mid to late November:
There Is No Such Thing As The Millennium!

Around Thanksgiving time – fourth Thursday in November:
Thank God for Who and What He Is!

During the Christmas season – early to late December:
Christmas Is NOT A Pagan Holiday!

During the last week of the year – end of December:  
This New Year May Be Your Last!

(Note: Of course, the order of the articles can be altered to fit the particular year in which they are used.)

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