Sunday, August 12, 2012

Every Human Life Is Sacred!

Getting Right to the Point!

Every Human Life Is Sacred!

Since its beginning the Christian Church has declared and taught that God is the almighty Creator and Maker of all things, including mankind. In fact, human beings are a very special creation of God, with an immortal soul, that will live on after they die, and be reunited with their resurrected bodies on the Last Day. 

Our time of life here on earth is the only time we can come to saving faith – our "time of grace." There is no mystery about when this time occurs in the Bible. It begins at the moment of our conception, and does not end until we die. For this reason every human life is very precious to God. No one but God Himself has the right to end it, except those God grants this right, and then ONLY to protect the lives of others.

Ending any human life at any point for any other reason is against God's holy and perfect will. Whatever other names we may use for this, God calls it murder, plain and simple. There should be no controversy about any of this among those who call themselves Christians and claim to follow the Bible. We must protect all human life. And that's the point!

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