Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Can People Handle the Truth? We'll See.

Dear Readers,

During the doldrums of summer it is extra difficult to get guys to do some extra writing, whether for this blog or any other. Thus, you haven't been seeing much new content on IL of late. Our sincere apologies.

To endeavor to give you at least a tiny bit of new reading material from time to time, I will be sharing my up-coming outreach campaign with you. It is entitled "Getting Right to the Point!" These short pieces - 200 words or less - will be appearing in our local newspaper beginning in September. They are meant to be somewhat blunt and to-the-point, and therefore engender interest and perhaps even controversy, following the advertising mantra that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

They will appear on IL at the rate of about two a week until completed. Any and all of you are quite free to use any of them if you would like to do so for any purpose you see fit – bulletin inserts, outreach ads, web content, etc... No attribution or remuneration is necessary! I hope you find them at least somewhat interesting and maybe even useful.

Deo Vindice!

Pastor Spencer


Getting Right to the Point!

There Is Such a Thing As Objective Truth!

It’s called the Bible! Every word of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation is absolutely perfect and reliable. Your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Himself proclaimed, “Your Word is truth!” (John 17:17). Thus, every real Christian accepts, without question or reservation, everything recorded in the Bible: religious, historical, geographical, and scientific. No true believer in Jesus calls Him a liar by saying His Word contains errors of any kind.

If you claim to be a Christian and you don’t accept the Bible as totally true, you are putting your soul in grave danger and risk ending up in hell forever. And if your church or your pastor teaches that the Bible isn’t perfect, warn them, then get out of that church – quick! If you’re not sure, then walk right up to your pastor and ask him if every word of the Bible is true. Do it this Sunday! And that's the point!

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