Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Church Isn't Group Therapy or Mere Entertainment!

Getting Right to the Point!

Church Isn't Group Therapy or Mere Entertainment!

Real Biblical worship must be centered on the one true Triune God. If the congregation makes itself and its wants a higher priority than God; if it is more important for them to please themselves than to please God, then their priorities are skewed and their worship is not God pleasing.

That's the problem with so many churches today – Is it a church, or group therapy for narcissists? Now, group therapy can be good, but it's deceptive to pass it off as worship! In addition, Christians are not just secular people with secular values attending a weekly talent show and sing-a-long. If worship is entirely driven by the congregation’s taste and demands, then it has very little to do with praising God and serving Him.

A church’s role is to give people what they need, and teach them how to want what they truly need. What people need is to hear is law and Gospel, sin and grace. Even believers must be constantly guided and taught how to worship properly and live according to God's will. Church is for worship, first and foremost. And that's the point!

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Joe Krohn said...

Nice post! Worship is NOT what we do for God...but what He does for us! We need to constantly hear this through the Means of Grace in Word and Sacrament!


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