Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Marriage Is Defined By God!

Getting Right to the Point!

Marriage Is Defined By God!

The Bible gives only one definition for marriage: A man and a woman freely and mutually agree to look upon one another as husband and wife, with all the rights and all the responsibilities of such an arrangement, for as long as they continue their earthly existence. That’s it; no more, no less.

What any government anywhere at any time may seek to add to the requirements for marriage is irrelevant to this basic definition. Neither can human laws change this definition. The truth is, God created the estate of marriage (see Genesis 2:18-25). Thus, only the authority of God, and the consent of the man and woman involved, establish any marriage, period.

This agreement is done in public only so everyone will know that this man and woman are no longer available for marriage to someone else, and as a witness to their permanent commitment.

Marriage is rightfully ended only by physical death. God hates divorce. And since marriage is strictly an earthly estate, it does NOT continue in heaven.

These are God's descriptions and boundaries of marriage, and they cannot be essentially changed by any mere mortals or human institution, be it the state or the church, no matter what they may claim. And that's the point!

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