Sunday, August 19, 2012

It’s The Lord’s Supper, Not Ours!

Getting Right to the Point!

 It’s The Lord’s Supper, Not Ours!

 Many Christians, while sincere and well-meaning, seem to think they can do whatever they please with Holy Communion, also known as the Sacrament of the Altar or The Lord’s Supper. Yet it is Christ’s own Supper – His Real Body and Blood together with the earthly elements which He commanded us to receive often for the actual forgiveness of our sins.

 And Jesus left very simple, clear instructions for this supper. Believers are to use what He used, say what He said, and do what He did. Thus, faithful followers of Christ use bread and wine, repeat and believe Jesus own words, and distribute this only to other faithful followers.

 Churches that use water, refuse to accept what Jesus said, or invite anyone to partake; do not have the true Lord’s Supper, but a “table of demons.” (First Corinthians 10:21) It would be better for them not to observe the Lord’s Supper at all, rather than to do so in opposition to their Lord! After all, it is Christ’s Supper, not ours! And that's the point!

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Anonymous said...

I often compare the Lord's Supper to a prescription drug. For a doctor to put a basket full of medicines in his waiting room with a sign, "Help yourself!" would be just as irresponsible and dangerous as a congregation offering to communion anyone who comes through the doors. Christ has set the guidelines for His Supper. Let's not brush Him aside because we don't want to offend those of other faiths or no faith. - Pastor Ronald Zindler

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