Friday, September 7, 2012

Yes, Our Church Is The Only “Right” Church!

Getting Right to the Point!

Yes, Our Church Is The Only “Right” Church!

No brag just fact. True, there are dozens of Christian denominations, and hundreds of congregations – most of which claim to be correct. But the sad fact is that there are far too many churches where the Bible is a fairy tale; where God is not capable of creating the world; where Jesus is just a figment of someone’s imagination; where you have to prove you’re saved by speaking in tongues, or making decisions for Jesus; where the Ten Commandments have become the Ten Suggestions; where there is more concern for a social agenda than simply preaching God’s Word; where the worship service has become an entertainment production rather than a focus on really listening to Jesus and praising the Lord with respect and dignity.

Ours is a church which believes the Bible is true in everything it says; where God can do the impossible; where Jesus is true God and true man, lived a perfect human life, died and rose again; where you are saved by God’s grace through faith, not your works; where God’s will is proclaimed without excuse or compromise; where the main emphasis of the church is on preaching the Gospel; where worship is joyous, yet dignified, following the pattern used by Christians two thousand years ago. Those are not mere boasts; they are facts – which we would be very happy to share with you! And that's the point!


Bruce Foster said...

One should be careful to use the word "church" here. In America, "church" is often confused with "congregation." No WELS pastor would say that his congregation is the only right one. Even "denomination" is not quite right so long as ELS and other small churches around the world are in fellowship with WELS. I don't have another term to suggest. Only that perhaps some very good points take a little more time to make.

Furthermore while your outline of what makes WELS the true church certainly hits the most important points, the average informed lay person would be hard pressed to pick a WELS congregation out of that list and not a great number of conservative evangelical congregation. Missing is infant baptism and real presence.

Pastor Spencer said...

Thanks for your comments, Bruce.

Yes, it is often very difficult to say everything you want or need to say in about 200 words. I suppose some topics should not even be attempted in this manner.

Still, I think the entire series covers things well enough - at least to begin with. What I'm hoping is that local folks who read these will show up and want more information. We'll see.

Thanks again!

Pastor Spencer

Anonymous said...

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Rod Dietsche

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