Friday, September 21, 2012

Christmas Is NOT a Pagan Holiday!

Getting Right to the Point!

Christmas Is NOT a Pagan Holiday!

Contrary to popular opinions we hear a lot today, Christmas did not come from the Roman festival of “Saturnalia.” It is true that during the brief rule of the Roman Emperor Aurelian, he attempted to institute a lavish festival around what he called “The Birth of the Unconquered Sun,” on December 25th, A.D. 274. But the fact is that he created this new celebration only to try and breathe new life into Roman idol-worship, which was dying.

Indeed, Aurelian’s pronouncement came after Christians had already been associating December 25th with the birth of Christ for decades in various parts of the Empire. The truth is, this so-called “Sol Invictus” festival was just a feeble attempt to create a pagan alternative to a celebration that was already important to believers in Jesus Christ, God’s true and only Son.

Therefore, Christians were not imitating the pagans, but the pagans were imitating them! So, believers in Jesus as God, Savior, and Lord can celebrate Christmas with great joy! Don't let people try to spoil your birthday party for Jesus! Gloria in excelsis Deo! And that's the point!

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