Monday, September 10, 2012

God Put Us Here To Work – For Him and His Truth!

Getting Right to the Point!

God Put Us Here To Work – For Him and His Truth!

Many fall festivals today include a chili cook-off. To do well you need the best recipe and follow it to the letter. If you don’t, your entry may not be edible, and might even make people sick. The same is true with religion. If you don’t follow God’s Word exactly, you could wind up believing lies, and even lose your eternal soul!

There is NOTHING good about false doctrine. Even a little bit can kill your faith. And there’s nothing even worthwhile or truly meaningful in false and unbiblical religions. Stay away from them! The Good News is so simple and so comforting, it’s amazing more people don’t believe it. So, if we want to do God’s work, and really help our community and nation, we will proclaim the pure Gospel – Salvation by grace alone through faith in Jesus Christ!

You may luck out in a cooking contest without following a really good recipe. But that’s NEVER true of religion. We need to listen to God. We need to follow His Word – His recipe for salvation – completely and without deviation. That’s our task – our work – as long as we live! And that's the point!

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