Sunday, September 16, 2012

Martin Luther’s Reformation Was Not A Revolution!

Getting Right to the Point!

Martin Luther’s Reformation Was Not A Revolution!

“re-form: 1. to make better by removing faults and defects; to correct.”

It was never Luther’s intent to create a new Christian church or divide Christianity into the myriad sects we see today. All he wanted was the leaders of the church to recognize the abuses and false teachings that had crept into the church and take steps to remove them.

Some of the most serious false doctrines Luther attacked included: elevating human opinion, such as the decrees of Popes and Church Councils, as equal with Holy Scripture; salvation by works, including penance, indulgences, purgatory, etc., instead of by grace alone through faith; and the Lord’s Supper as a good work of man, rather than a gracious gift of God. These were and still are aberrations from God’s Word, and put precious souls in great spiritual danger.

Father Martin was not starting a revolution against the church, nor was he rebelling against God. He was upholding God’s Word and the saving work of Jesus Christ. That’s what he stood for, and we here still stand solidly and completely with him, and with God! And that's the point!

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