Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thank God for Who and What He Is!

Getting Right to the Point!

Thank God for Who and What He Is!

Have you ever noticed that historically speaking many proclamations of thanks often take place after a great tragedy or disaster? In both Jamestown and Plymouth a special day of prayer was held AFTER most of the inhabitants had already died! Why? Because it is at these times that we humans realize how puny we are and how great and powerful God is; how evil and sinful we are, and how wise and merciful God is. So, we very often thank God that things were not a lot worse.

But, now imagine for a minute having another god like Baal or Odin or Shiva, or some other false and non-existence idol like those of the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. These are gods who can’t do miracles. These are gods who lie, cheat, steal, murder and rape, who are vain and weak. They are gods who are shifting as sand, without honor, unworthy of respect. They are gods who are deaf, blind, asleep, gone, and dead. In other words, they don't even exist!

Ours is the only true God who is always constant, faithful, good, powerful, kind, loving, giving, and wise. He applies His Son’s death to our sins. He gives us faith and then accepts us because of that faith. He welcomes us with open arms into His eternal family. He rules all things to create, strengthen, and preserve our faith. He works tirelessly to bring us safely to heaven forever. This is the one and only God Who was and is and always will be. We thank Him for being Who and what He is! That’s the best Thanksgiving! And that's the point!

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