Friday, December 9, 2011

Shepherds, watching their field...

Tending the Flock

QUESTION: Is tending a flock essentially a spectator sport?

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Anonymous said...

Answer: Absolutely not. Granted, I'm not a pastor, but I get a this notion that pastors tend to play the fence in situations within their parish even though one party is clearly in the wrong and needs the Law. Being a shepherd means that sometimes you may anger someone in your congregation. As long as the pastor has appropriately applied the Law then it's up to God. It's not the pastor applying the Law, it's God's Word through you. So if they reject the pastor, get angry, and leave then they're rejecting God himself. I think some pastors would rather be a spectator and make people happy enough to come back to church and give their offerings. Sad, but true. But if there is a rift within the congregation because the Law was applied then the DP will take sides against the pastor in the name of "love" and "peace" and even how many number amount of members are at the church. I've seen it happen and it sickens me. Faithful pastors are put down and unfaithful members are exhalted. If someone can't handle the heat then the Ministry isn't for them.

Mitch Forte

P.S. - Awesome graphic by the way.

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