Monday, December 5, 2011

"Relevance," and Mockery of the Holy Martyrs – Part 7

The "Holy Writings" of Christianity have never been in style. Just consider what their "Holy Book" has to say about women! "Let the women be silent in the churches" or "I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to have authority over the man." Why were these statements even necessary if it wasn't customary in society that women, having the opportunity and skill, would speak their minds and take positions of leadership?

Not only have their "Holy Writings" been out of sync with society all along, they are inconsistent to boot! Doesn't the Christian "Holy Book" say that their "God" will endow them with spiritual gifts, among them being the gifts of preaching, teaching, language and administration? There are no gender inequities indicated in the distribution of these gifts, are there? Of course not! Not only that, God is no respecter of persons, is s/he not? That would make "God" egalitarian, wouldn't it? Why would s/he distribute gifts equally to men and women, including gifts pertaining to roles of leadership, if s/he did not intend that women use them in authoritative roles of leadership, especially in the Church? What inconsistency!

Christians simply need to realize that society has been right all along, and that their "Holy Writings" have been mistaken. In point of fact, it can be demonstrated that the inspired male authors of their "Holy Book" were all raving sexists! – especially the unmarried apostle Paul, whose own obvious hatred of women probably drove him to homosexuality (that nasty "thorn in the flesh" of his). Christians should work to correct the mistakes in their "Holy Book," and the mistaken notions descending from them that have created so many innocent victims over the past 2000 years. They should hang their heads, and apologize profusely to every representative of the female gender they should meet. Then the World shall accept, rather than revile, them.

Cecil B. DeMille's, The Sign of the Cross, Part 6

FOX'S BOOK OF MARTYRS: The Ten Primitive Persecutions

The Sixth Persecution, Under Maximus, A.D. 235

A.D. 235, was in the time of Maximinus. In Cappadocia, the president, Seremianus, did all he could to exterminate the Christians from that province.

The principal persons who perished under this reign were Pontianus, bishop of Rome; Anteros, a Grecian, his successor, who gave offence to the government by collecting the acts of the martyrs, Pammachius and Quiritus, Roman senators, with all their families, and many other Christians; Simplicius, senator;

Calepodius, a Christian minister, thrown into the Tyber; Martina, a noble and beautiful virgin; and Hippolitus, a Christian prelate, tied to a wild horse, and dragged until he expired.

During this persecution, raised by Maximinus, numberless Christians were slain without trial, and buried indiscriminately in heaps, sometimes fifty or sixty being cast into a pit together, without the least decency.

The tyrant Maximinus dying, A.D. 238, was succeeded by Gordian, during whose reign, and that of his successor Philip, the Church was free from persecution for the space of more than ten years; but in A.D. 249, a violent persecution broke out in Alexandria, at the instigation of a pagan priest, without the knowledge of the emperor.

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