Thursday, May 3, 2012

Promotional Materials are Finally Here!

Fully one month ago, in the post Dear Pastor: What are our congregation's policies for promoting non-denominational ministries?, we at Intrepid Lutherans hinted that we would be making our own promotional materials available for download so that readers can post them on the bulletin boards of their own congregations. Of course, we suggested at that time that those materials would be available in a week... We'll spare the details, but admit that we were a little optimistic about that. Regardless, they are now here!

Click here to download promotional materials for the
2012 Intrepid Lutherans Conference: Church and Continuity

This package of materials contains two posters, one suitable for immediate display, and the second more suitable for the middle of May; a trifold brochure with agenda, presenter biographies, and registration instructions; and a brief note from Intrepid Lutherans thanking you for downloading and making these materials available, along with suggestions for posting them in your congregation.


Joel A Dusek said...

Materials posted. My pastor thinks Intrepid sometimes violates the 8th commandment, but did not object when I asked him if I could put up a poster. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Anything in public is available for public rebuke/criticism.

Mitch Forte

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