Monday, October 31, 2011

The Gospel For Those Broken By The Church

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If you are a WELS Lutheran, it's quite possible that you've never heard of him. He's LCMS after all. It's also quite possible that you've never heard of this particular presentation of his, which has become something of a modern classic among confessional Lutherans in America. Regardless, it has come to our attention that Dr. Rod Rosenblatt's (Prof. Emeritus, Concordia-Irvine) The Gospel for those Broken by the Church, both an audio presentation and study guide, is now available for FREE from New Reformation Press. They had been selling it for a nominal fee, but through arrangements with a Lutheran congregation, along with an outreach organization, which found it important enough to distribute this presentation more broadly, it is now available free of charge. Dr. Rosenblatt is a well known confessional Lutheran and apologist from the LCMS. He was a close associate of Dr. John Warwick Montgomery and Dr. Walter Martin back when they all taught at Simon Greenleaf School of Law, and Montgomery and Rosenblatt remain associates to this day in their apologetic endeavors, along with Mr. Craig Parton, Esq. We at Intrepid Lutherans have in the past featured the works of Dr. Martin ('non rockaboatus' is an organizational disease: Lectures by Walter Martin) and Mr. Parton ("The New White-Wine Pietists," by Craig Parton).

Anyway, this particular presentation is directed at those embittered toward the Church through bad experiences of various kinds, who perhaps never really heard the Gospel or understood the Church's message. Its intended audience would include (former) Christians of "Bible-believing" churches, and has gained a good reputation over the years for communicating to such folks. We include the audio below, and links to the New Reformation Press sources for the Audio and Study Guide. As with all materials we reference, we expect that those accessing this presentation will exercise mature Berean judgment in assessing and making use of it.

Dr. Rod Rosenblatt: The Gospel for those Broken by the Church

The Gospel For Those Broken By The Church

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Rev. Dr. Matthew Richard said...

This is excellent! I also found a video of his presentation. It is posted at the following link:

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