Sunday, September 13, 2015

Faith Lutheran Church holds Divine Service Today for the First Time as a Congregation

Many readers may already know this, but just recently, some 17 people left WELS, for various reasons, to form an independent Lutheran congregation in the Portland, Oregon, area. Today, the Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity, 2015, was the first time they held Divine Service as a congregation. Bishop Heiser of the Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of North America (ELDoNA), preached from the appointed Gospel text for the day, Matthew 6:24-34; and pastors from all over the Diocese will share in a weekly preaching rotation at Faith Lutheran, until a permanent pastor can be found for them.

As it so happens, the Lutherans who have formed this new congregation have also found themselves compelled to offer a public explanation for their departure from WELS. Apparently, following their departure in July, a troubling level of animosity has been directed toward them from various sources among WELS leadership and laity, in a way that they feel distorts the truth and damages their reputations. This reportedly includes the distribution of an area-wide letter that was written about them and the situation at their former congregation, that did not allow them the opportunity to include their side of the story.

In coming days, their stories shall be published here, on Intrepid Lutherans.

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