Friday, March 21, 2014

The ELDoNA Refutes the ACLC's Critique Concerning the Article of Justification, Part 5

A fifth article has been posted by the ELDoNA in their refutation:

Part Five: Treating Calov with respect by following his argument and paying attention to his words, Part 2

Previous articles in this series:
Part Four: Treating Calov with respect by following his argument and paying attention to his words, Part 1
Part Three: Questions of Methodology: Thoroughgoing Theology vs. ‘Slam Dunks’
Part Two: A Matter of Definition
Part One: Their Preamble and Our Preface

All of the ELDoNA's posts on the the Article of Justification have now been compiled on one page on the diocesan website:
Articles on Justification


Joel Dusek said...

Good refutation of the ACLC's response. I found their document to be illogical, off-subject, and misrepresentative of ELDoNA's position.
ELDoNA here makes a clear, convincing case for its position, again. It is really quite a simple doctrine, justification by faith.

Brett Meyer said...

I agree Joel. It's important to note that a faithful confession of Holy Scripture is only possible by the gracious guidance of the Holy Spirit. Only then is the perspicuity of Christ's Word truly clear and absent of any 'greyness' and the ability to make a consistent and harmonious confession of doctrine possible. It is when individuals are guided by human reason, and subject Scripture to their reason, that their confession becomes contradictory to God's Word and all clarity is lost. May Christ lead the laity and clergy back to a faithful confession of the chief article of Christian faith - one Justification solely by the gracious gift of faith in Christ alone. Any confession less than that will lead the laity and clergy away from Christ - the only source of comfort and blessing in this life, and eternal life after death. What is also quite clear is that the retention of Christ's doctrine only comes with the full weight of the Cross born by Christ's Church. Based on the inaudible chorus of objections to UOJ eminating from the clergy in the Lutheran Synods we can be assured the return to, and retention of, Christ's Gospel will only be accomplished by the laity, the men, women and children in the pews.

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