Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Dresden Catechism for Dresden Lutherans

Since we've been on the topic of "Dresden" recently, I thought it might be interesting for our German-reading readers to see a copy of one of the Wisconsin Synod's first official catechisms, which was based on the Dresden Catechism (Dresdner Kreuzkatechismus). Below is a link to a scan of an 1881 copy, published by Northwestern Publishing House.

Dr. Martin Luther's




based on the Dresden Cross Catechism

and published by the

Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Wisconsin and Other States

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Warren Malach said...

I believe that the Missouri Synod "Dietrich Catechism," which was translated into English, is also based in part upon the Dresden Catechism, at least according to its title page.
Does anyone know upon which prior Catechisms the Gausewitz Catechism was based?

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