Monday, July 5, 2010

The Main Task of the Church

Since most of the Intrepids are taking a well-deserved day off on this holiday, I thought I'd let someone else do the work today. Below is a quote of the now-sainted Dr. Siegbert Becker, from his book, "Revelation: The Distant Triumph Song." I believe it speaks to the WELS today quite well about what our tasks need to be in these Last Days. Enjoy!
"The criticism of Sardis is needed especially in our time, when the visible Christian church has become very activistic and is engaged in many efforts to improve social and economic and political conditions in the world. The church may, because of this activism, appear to be a living force in the world. But often those efforts are linked with an indifference to doctrine and to the Lord's commandments in general. Works not motivated by the gospel are hardly complete before God. They lack the most necessary ingredient, love. And of what value are those works which God has not sanctioned or commanded?

The main task of the church is to preach the gospel in its truth and purity and to administer the sacraments according to the institution of Christ. (emphasis mine - Pastor Spencer) If this is neglected or if the gospel is obscured by all sorts of false teaching, the church may be busy day after day, from morning to night, but its works will never be complete in the sight of God because it is not doing the job God assigned to it." (pg.62,63)

Let us use the gift of liberty which God has granted us here in this nation to carry out and support the work of His Church so that His name may be hallowed and His kingdom come!

Pastor Spencer

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